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Since organism development and many critical cell biology processes are organized in modular patterns, many algorithms have been proposed to detect modules. In this study, a new method, MOfinder, was developed to detect overlapping modules in a protein-protein interaction (PPI) network. We demonstrate that our method is more accurate than other 5 methods. Then, we applied MOfinder to yeast and human PPI network, and explored the overlapping information. Using the overlapping modules of human PPI network, we constructed the module-module communication network. Functional annotation showed that the immune-related and cancer-related proteins were always together and present in the same modules, which offer some clues for immune therapy for cancer. Our study around overlapping modules suggests a new perspective on the analysis of PPI network and improves our understanding of disease.

If you use MOfinder, please cite:

Yu Q, Li GH, Huang JF. MOfinder: a novel algorithm for detecting overlapping modules from protein-protein interaction network. Journal of biomedicine and biotechnology
Journal of biomedicine and biotechnology 2012.


MOfinder is written by C/C++, and under GPL(GNU Lesser General Public License) license. It can be freely downloaded.
Download site: MOfinder_download(~1M)

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        Readme(how to install and use);         Sources files;         Executable files(Windows xp and 2003);

Update notes:

2012-5-29 A bug is fixed.

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